Gary Steven Jackson- Writer/Comedian

Kelly has always inspired be to be a better writer, dig deeper and never be ashamed of the story your telling. It could easily be seen as the killer is the bad person and the victim as the saint. Kelly has always challenged that notion. what makes a person break? The angle Kelly always pursues is if someone would help these women in distress these murders wouldn't happen. I hear Kelly's advice when I write asking "Did you give this story a fair shot or were you biased from the start?"If I think I am being fair, I still hear her - Go DEEPER!

Gary C. King - True Crime Author St. Martins Press - 

Kelly is a top-notch writer who knows her way around word crafting. We have worked together in the past and I would not hesitate to work with her again.  

True Crime Writer

Public Speaking

Kelly is the perfect choice to captivate your next group meeting. Her speeches reveal the secrets only an inmate liaison can tell. 

Kelly Banaski

True Crime Writer with The Inside Story
The crimes, arrests and trials of today's most interesting cases with insight from the accused.  

Crime Writing

Kelly uses her skills and contacts as an inmate liaison to get the inside details to every story she writes.