Speaking Engagements

Kelly has been an inmate liaison for over 7 years and has the battle scars to prove it. What started out as curiosity turned into full fledged obsession as Kelly began writing female death row inmates in 2005 to fulfill a deep-seated need to know what the hell they were thinking. ​Relationships blossomed, others soured on the vine. Some were a bit more harsh than others, but the lessons she learned from each of them are imparted in Kelly's public speaking engagements. 

Speaking engagements are personalized for the size of your crowd and your projected funds. Special pricing exists for nonprofits and charitable organizations. Please email info@kellybanaski.com for more information about speaking engagements. 

Topics include:

Any Woman, Any Girl

This narrative is geared toward girl's homes, juvenile detention centers, churches and any organization seeking to derail young women on the wrong track. Listeners will hear the true stories of women on death row or facing life without parole, women who entered prison as young girls, some barely out of teen years, never to leave again. Homelessness, poverty, drugs; these girls faced much of what todays troubled youth does, but the choices they made destroyed more than their own lives. Any girl can end up on death row with only one bad choice. The stories these women have told me will open the eyes of even the most hard headed youth.

Friends With Benefits: How Writing Letters to Inmates Can Change the World

​Churches, youth groups, community activists and many regular, everyday folks have a healthy curiosity about inmates, especially those who are long term. Few know that writing a simple letter can not only get that curiosity assuaged, but make the world a better place. Correspondence with someone who has no hope, sees no future for themselves, can be a life changer. Not only to the inmate and the writer, but to the prison population, staff and others. This one simple kindness can touch so many. This short 45 minuet speech details why someone would want to write an inmate as well as how to write that first letter. 

How to Pursue Your Writing Dream and Still be a Decent Mother/Wife

Many women have the secret dream of becoming a writer. Living a full life as a wife and mother is often enough to warrant a book or two but perhaps there is something else. Maybe you'd like to write for cooking magazines or travel blogs. It might be newspapers or web content that turns you on. I know one or two of you out there dream of writing romance novels or trendy teen novels. Whatever it is, you have to start going somewhere to get where you want to be. This hour-long course details the best way to start a writing career from scratch. If you only have a few hours a day while the kids nap to write, this class is for you. This class is offered to individuals as well. It touches on the basics of writing as well as what to do after you get it written.

I Wanna Be a Blogger! 

There is no doubt about it. Mommy bloggers have their own little corner of the blogiverse and it 'aint getting any smaller. The reason is moms have something to say and our own way of saying it. Blogging can be a very lucrative field for those moms who really have that special niche. This one hour presentation goes over the basics of blogging and then delves into setting up and running a blog as well as ads, sponsorships and how to make money.